Formula 1 business data from Formula Money

The Formula Money report contains all the figures that matter in F1 business. This makes it the perfect reference tool for companies and individuals researching data such as Formula 1 sponsorship values, F1 race budgets, F1 team finances and much more.

Understand F1 business with Formula Money’s research and statistic

Formula Money is read by the key players in the business of Formula 1 and is essential reading for anyone involved in or looking to get involved in the F1 industry. It opens up the complex world of F1’s finances in 220 colour A4 pages containing more than 300 tables and diagrams.

Unrivalled data and research on the business of F1

All the financial data for understanding the business of F1 including F1 revenues, sponsorship values, team budgets, trackside advertising values, sponsorship exposure, driver salaries, GP2 budgets, Grand Prix hosting costs and race budgets. Formula Money is the only place to get all this information about the business of Formula One.

All the figures that matter about F1 sponsorship deals

The data in Formula Money covers all the key figures about F1 sponsorship. This includes data such as Formula 1 sponsorship values for teams, F1 sponsors by sector and market, F1’s global partners, trackside advertising, F1 race sponsorships, driver sponsors and GP2 sponsorship.

Understand the business of running an F1 race

Formula Money is essential reading for Grand Prix promoters. Our data includes Formula 1 race budgets, the costs and revenues of hosting a Grand Prix, race sanction fees, F1 ticket prices, F1 race attendance and more. Our data is the perfect tool for assisting an F1 promoter with getting involved in the F1 industry.

F1 team budgets revealed

Formula Money highlights F1 team costs and revenues and breaks down Formula 1 team budgets. Our data reveals the amount of team revenues from team sponsorship, supplier deals, team owner spending, Formula One prize money and pay drivers. Further data analyses F1 team revenues and costs stretching back more than 20 years.

Lifting the lid on F1’s revenues and profits

Go behind the scenes of the Formula One Group’s finances with Formula Money. Get all the background on F1’s revenues and profits, the F1 commercial rights, TV rights revenues, Paddock Club hospitality revenues and Grand Prix hosting fees. Understand the revenues that make up F1’s turnover and all the figures that matter in the business of Formula One.

Expert knowledge about F1 finances

The key facts about F1 business authored by the world’s leading F1 business journalists. Powerful insight into the F1 industry is given through exclusive data and research. Formula Money is the ultimate guide to the figures that matter in the business of F1.

The inside track on F1 business

Formula Money’s data answers all your questions on the business of Formula One and it is the ultimate F1 business book for a wide range of readers including motor racing teams, driver managers, circuit promoters, investors, sponsors, suppliers, technical partners and rights holders.